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We pride ourselves on our customer service, And are delighted by the wonderful feedback we receive from many of our customers about their experience with Kavita Vision and the quality of service they received. All testimonials are genuine responses received from our customers...

Sue KimI am so pleased with my purchase this time. Every item has exceeded my (already) high expectation and made my lordships extremely happy! After having tried out most of the stores alike online, Kavita Vision really is the best in every way. The production took a little longer than usual because of the Covid crisis, but everything arrived with only a bit of delay. Thank you once again, I’m so grateful to your service! Jai, Sri Radhe! :)

Written by Sue Kim on 07/09/2020.

Sue KimThank you team for another amazing gifts for my home deities. As usual, the service team is ever so helpful, provided valuable suggestions to make this year’s Guara Purima extra special. Although I made rather belated order for the occasion, the team not only met the deadline but managed to have the items arrive a few days earlier. Thank you so much again, after trying out various online stores alike, I have become a regular at Radhavallabh, the only merchant I buy from. Thank you as always, already looking forward to my next purchase! Dandvats!!!

Written by Sue Kim on 09/05/2014.

Chirag BharatiI am absolutely loving the warm woolen winter attire I ordered for my deities. It is very cold in my house and now my Lord who keeps me warm can be warm too.
The golden pink diamond lakuti I ordered also looks splendid with the matching colors.

Thanks for providing us devotees with supplies to create our own mini Iskcon at home.

Written by Chirag Bharati on 09/05/2014.

VinayI would like to offer my thanks for making a bespoke garment for the Swaminarayan Murti. The dress was based on a conversations on web chat and sending measurements of my requirements together with photos. I was pleasantly surprised with the exact fitting, craftsmanship of the garment received.
The quality is excellent and I will be placing further orders in the near future.
Thank you once again.

Written by Vinay on 09/05/2014.

Gokuleswari Radhika ddHare Krishna! The products sent from here are very good quality. I ordered the blends Gaur Nitai dress for my 4 inch idols and they looked wonderful in them. I will definitely purchase again from this store!

Written by Gokuleswari Radhika dd on 09/05/2014.

KristinaI ordered turbans and effulgences for Gaura Nitaj and everything is beautiful.
Managers helped to choose a right size and it is perfect.
Thank you

Written by Kristina on 09/05/2014.

KristinaHare Krsna
Thank you very much
I ordered turbans and they are so beautiful

Written by Kristina on 09/05/2014.

I like the high quality and unique attire that is on this site.

Written by Swasti Prasad on 09/05/2014.

KristinaI ordered effulgence for Gaura Nitay.
And they came very beautiful. I very like that Kavita make always things with good quality and everything is very clean and new!!!!
Thank You!

Written by Kristina on 09/05/2014.

Sue KimI have already gone through my second purchase with Kavita. It is always hard to find outfits for small Guara Nitai dieties. This is the first time I actually bought an outfit for them (opposed to making them myself) and I’m happy with the purchase. As you can see in the picture, they look great in the new outfit. Thank you!!!

Written by Sue Kim on 09/05/2014.

Siva DasiMy recent order was very appreciated. Loved the deity dresses for my 18” Radha Krishna murtis. Your craftsmanship & designs are lovely. All items were wonderful. Thank you.

Written by Siva Dasi on 09/05/2014.

Anil DasHare Krishna

I received my package today containing my Gaura Nitai dresses
they are really beautiful and fit perfectly I will recommend to everyone and everyone also the staff kept me up-to-date with my order

Written by Anil Das on 09/05/2014.

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