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We pride ourselves on our customer service, And are delighted by the wonderful feedback we receive from many of our customers about their experience with Kavita Vision and the quality of service they received. All testimonials are genuine responses received from our customers...

Beautiful fabrics, gorgeous handiwork, and fast delivery! I have not found any site equal to this one for
Deities Dresses and Crowns. I am so happy that I have this website to buy exquisite Deity clothing.

Written by R Mitra on 07/15/2023.

Beautiful fabrics, gorgeous handiwork, and fast delivery! I have not found any site equal to this one for
Deities Dresses and Crowns. I am so happy that I have this website to buy exquisite Deity clothing.

Written by R Mitra on 07/15/2023.

MINERVA ESPINOSANice Holistic Vrindavan Deity dress for my 12-inch Lord Krishna. The embroidery is beautiful. The left arm of my deity is fused to the chest and will need a custom crafted blouse. Niketaa, the customer service rep was super helpful. She worked with the crafters to customize the blouse. Although the blouse did not exactly fit due to the different configuration of the deity, the crafters tried their best to make the blouse for Krishna and that is appreciated.

Written by MINERVA ESPINOSA on 04/03/2022.

Néstor GonzálezMy first shopping experience with Kavita Vision is satisfactory.

The web site is very complete and useful, the packaging was good and the delivery was fast.

Product quality good as expected.

My recommendation is be careful about sizing and everything should be fine.

I would definitely buy again at Radhavallabh. com

Written by Néstor González on 12/25/2021.

Siddharth patelThank you dress fit so nicely will order more dress from you guys.

Written by Siddharth patel on 11/07/2021.

fco. Javier AceroEs el único sitio de confianza que he encontrado para vestir mis deidades. Son de solo 4 pulgadas, lo que hace muy difícil encontrarles ropa y complementos. Aquí siempre he encontrado todo, lo que mis deidades necesitan,con un buen envío, e incluso me han permitido adaptar tamaños de algunos artículos.
It is the only trustworthy place I have found to dress my deities. They are only 4 inches, which makes it very difficult to find clothes and accessories. Here I have always found everything, what my deities need, with a good shipment, and they have even allowed me to adapt sizes of some articles.
Sorry for my bad english.

Written by fco. Javier Acero on 10/10/2021.

Mathura dThis is my first order from Kavita Vision. I am shopping for clothes for Radha-Govinda to prepare for their installation in the future. I tried them on the murtis as you will see in the picture. The dresses from Radhavallabh/Kavita Vision are quality-made compared to dresses I've bought from other sellers. Great customer service from Niketaa thru chat. Super helpful. She asked me to send pictures of Govinda murti and she returned with drawings from the crafters with instructions on where to measure so the blouse of Govinda can be customized. There is a bit of a challenge in making the sleeves fit on the arms of Govinda murti due to the way it bends, so I need to make some adjustments to make the sleeves fit nicely. My concern is about their prices which are on the high side, I would like to buy more dresses but the prices would put limitations on my side. Overall, I would still recommend Radhavallabh/Kavita Vision for their pleasant customer support, fast-shipping, and lovely items.

Written by Mathura d on 10/09/2021.

Kishen SolankiI had ordered 2 gorgeous crowns from radha vallabh and I must say I was pleased.The quality in the work was worth the money.The customer service was amazing aswell.We communicated via email and they gave quick updates on the crowns as soon as there was any.Regarding shipping,this was quite quick bearing in mind I live in the UK,meaning it took about a week which was normal.Overall radhavallabh aka kavita vision is a great place to order deity crowns and other accessories.

Written by Kishen Solanki on 08/02/2021.

Dharmawati Ramphal RiveraPerfect crown after many, many trials. Thank you!

Written by Dharmawati Ramphal Rivera on 08/01/2021.

swetha SundaramDear Sri Radha Vallabha Store Team,

We received order 4698 today and like always the quality of the items and the packaging was excellent!
Thank you very much for the complimentary turban for Krishna, our Krishna dancing on top of Kalinga is wearing it! We are long time customers and always turn to for our pooja needs! May Lord Krishna and Radha Rani bless the team members of Radha Vallabha Store

Written by swetha Sundaram on 07/13/2021.

Sadhana RamsewaksingI have bought a flute for this first time, for Krishna. I thought that the flower would be smaller than on the photo. But it is the opposite. It is not to big and sparkly. I will definitely come back again to buy more flutes and crowns for my deities.

Written by Sadhana Ramsewaksing on 07/10/2021.

Sadhana RamsewaksingThe crowns are more beautifull than on the photo. Cannot wait to dress Jagannatha with this crown.

Written by Sadhana Ramsewaksing on 07/10/2021.

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