Mini Light Jade Semi Precious Ganesha Ganpati Deity


  • Model:3804

This approximately 3.5 cm height Lord Ganesha Ganpati deity is made of pure light green Jade semi precious stone. It is intricately hand crafted with precision. The width is of approximately 2 cm.
green jade statue of Ganpati Ganesha is believed to be helpful in improving the Vaastu of a home premises. It can be placed on an altar in the prayer room, the study table of students or any predominant place in the house. The main reason why people keep a green Lord Ganesha statue is to attain harmony and peace in their lives. The colour green represents life and growth and the Jade stone is associated with longevity, wealth, good life and health.

The statue may slightly differ from the picture shown subject to availability of natural stone.
Weight calculated is Volume based.